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Here at recent news, we link you to the stories that are most interesting to you on both a global scale and a smaller local network.

We specialise in monitoring our users behaviour to determine what they are interested in and what to read more about. Over time our knowledge of users tastes and patterns has advanced allowing us to provide you with a more bespoke service.

We are unique as we don't only provide news stories that are of interest to you that happen worldwide, we also monitor your reading patterns to show you the stories of interest in your local area.

We work will many journalists and suppliers of news to keep you up to date with the ongoing stories and breaking news.

Many other news providers will categorise all news stories into very large sectors such as sport and the economy. We take into account the style of information that you like. We often find that journalists express the new sin different ways and some journalists you may favour and therefore we will link you to more of their stories.

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